Omega Plus Salmon Fins Carton (includes 7 packets)


Omega Plus Salmon Fins Carton (includes 7 packets)

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Exclusive to The Big Dog Walk ONLY. Omega Plus has given us 500 cartons for pre order only at 50% off with some of that going the charity too!

Spread the news, they will never be this discounted again. It’s ONLY for our BDW fan family!

Omega Plus Dog Treat King Salmon Tails are 100% NZ King salmon and are all natural. The tails are freeze dried to ensure a longer lasting product while also capturing all the health benefits that pure NZ King salmon provides. Farmed sustainably in the Marlborough Sounds, King salmon boasts high levels of omega-3 and omega-6 which have a range of health benefits for your dog, including skin and coat health and joint mobility. Treat your pet the natural way!

Key Benefits:

  • Rich in protein

  • High in marine based omega-3 and omega-6

  • All natural

  • No GMO’s