What started out as a bit of a joke, grew in to NZ's most popular national dog event! We back up a sense of humour and fun, with great organisation to produce a super-slick operation.
We're now going into our third year for The Big Dog Walk With Lots of Dogs. 

Our first year included synchronised events in Auckland and Wellington. In 2017, we increased this to four synchronised walks to include Hamilton and Napier. Auckland and Wellington doubled in numbers from the previous year. 
The best thing is, we happen to go viral on Social Media every year, making it NZ’s largest social dog event! 
For one day of the year, thousands of people come from all over the country, often traveling a couple of hours to reach the closest event. Not only is our event is an opportunity for some ‘light and not too hard’ exercise, it’s an opportunity to spy on some dogs. 

Our Charity- For Lots of Dogs 

Giving to charity is a huge part of our brand. People love knowing that 100% of their past donations have gone directly to our chosen charities. 
This year, we will be running the event under our new Charity called 'For Lots of Dogs'. 
Our Plan is to raise money and use our lovely contacts we have built in the pet industry, to make any money we to receive go farther to help more doggies for longer! 

The reason behind our decision to have our own charity is
1. We have formed a lot of relationships in the Pet Industry
 2.We have created a popular platform to spread awareness and raise money ourselves through a number of initiatives we have in the pipeline that couldn't go under 'TBDWWLOD's' brand.
 3. We feel we can make more of a difference to these charities by becoming a registered charity, ourselves so we are able to effectively run these initiatives.